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"Why would you even play baskeball if you didn't want to be the best player who ever lived?"

Who likes the thought of some young punk, freshly in the NBA, having the idea that he is going to take over the league?

Kobe´s profile

Proposing to a live of Basketball
His parents named him after a type of steak commonly found in Japanese restaurants, simply because they liked the way it sounded.
08/02/1978 Philadelphia To be called "greatness" 6' 7" 210 Pounds

Growing up in Europe

  Kobe Bryant began watching his father's basketball games and copying his favorite moves when he was barely old enough to walk. His father Joe Bryant (aka "Jelly Bean") played in the NBA for eight seasons where he didn't get much appreciation, which took him to Europe to play in an Italian league. The Bryant family, which also consisted of Kobe's two older Sisters had to learn to adapt to the customs and language that was strange to them. Kobe was young and captured the Basketball fever early, by imitating his Father or copying the NBA stars that he has seen on television. "From day one I was dribbling, it was the fact that you could dribble the ball around everywhere. You could play the game by yourself and envision certain situations." In Italy, children grow up playing soccer, not basketball, baseball or football. So Kobe often found himself alone on the basketball court, where he often would play a game called "shadow ball", in which he would try to beat the only opponent he could find: himself.

Highschool accomplishments

  In 1991, at age of 13, Kobe and his family returned to the states to Philadelphia where Kobe attended the Highschool of Lower Merion. At this stage of his life, his basketball talents where far past anyone else’s skills of his age. He made the varsity Basketball team "ACES" his freshman year, where he quickly established himself over the next years as one of the most promising athletes in his league. His junior year ( 94 - 95 ) the ACES got into the AAAA Pennsylvania state playoffs by capturing the Central League title, which was lost. However in his senior year, Kobe led the team to the school's first state championship.

Draft pick

  Kobe decided to join the NBA after Highschool. The Los Angeles Lakers had the 27th pick in the Draft and were deeply interested in Kobe since Jerry West claimed that Kobe had the best workout he had ever seen in his life, while spending time working out with NBA teams. The Charlotte Hornets drafted Kobe with the 13th pick that came by surprise since it was one of the teams that he did not work out with, who just wanted him for trading purposes claiming that he was just a kid. The Lakers were pursuing the new hottest free agent Shaquille O'Neil as vigorously as they were pursuing Kobe. Eventually Kobe got traded for the 7' 1" center Vlade Divac and Shaq had been captured to form one of the soon to come greatest Dual.

1st year in the NBA

  KB signed a 3 year, $ 3.5 million dollar contract with the Los Kobe Bryants winning slam Angeles Lakers. The number 8 jersey that represents Kobe came along by adding all the numbers of his Highschool jersey number, 143. In the 1997 year Kobe won the Slam-Dunk contest where he impressed the judges with passing the ball between his legs and throwing down a ferocious, rim-shaking windmill jam which scored a nearly perfect 49 points. This was also the year of his new signature shoe KB8.

2nd year in the NBA

  While many players, including some of his teammates, were taking a few weeks of vacation, Kobe was hard at work. "I would feel uncomfortable if I took a week off. I just want to play. I would feel uncomfortable if I didn't play, didn't touch a basketball." He played in the annual Magic Johnson All-Star game, a charity event to benefit the United Negro College Fund, where he stole the show by scoring a game high 35 points.

3rd year in the NBA

  This is the year the glory begins. The Los Angeles Lakers manage to hire Phil Jackson to be their head coach. Already establishing himself as a promising coach from the Chicago Bulls where he had won 6 championship rings. He not only united the gifted players of the ballclub but also lead Lakers to the Championship Title 2000. Kobe had won his first Ring at age of 21. What else beholds him, in his future?

4th year in the NBA

  Can you believe it. "SHAQ calling Kobe the best player in ball league during the semi-finals? All to well did they know, pumping one another up would lead them to another Championship ring, to begin the Dynasty.